Living, breathing plan

What is SPIDER?

SPIDER (Strategic Planning Dashboard and Reporting) is an online plan execution tool that allows cross-functional team members to view, update and report on all planned tactics, including current financial and activity data, that align to your strategic plan

Track execution of individual projects and tactics

Review the progress of all projects and tactics within a plan using intuitive dashboards to quickly identify "on track" and "at risk" projects

Track financials that align with your plan

Effectively track all financials (budgets, POs, commitments, spends) at various levels (company, franchise, brand) to readily identify "overspend and underspend"

Grow and adapt your plan

Simultaneously update tactics with other team members to allow your plan to adapt and grow in response to business and environmental changes

Additional Features Include

Manage multiple plans at once

Oversee budgets, resources and activities across multiple plans to make informed business decisions

Integrate existing plan data

Easily upload financial data (e.g. PO and invoices) from spreadsheets or ERP systems

Collaborate with cross-functional team members online

Instantaneously share up-to-date plan information with all team members online

Generate customized reports

Financial and activity plan data is directly converted into customized reports and readily exported for easy communication to team members

What Our Customers Have to Say

"SPIDER has tremendous value! The ability to track individual projects is extremely useful"

Vice President at a global multi-national pharmaceutical company

"My first impression of SPIDER is very positive. I think it's very intuitive and clearly laid out"

Cross-functional team member at a global health care company

"SPIDER tracks financials in a way that is relevant to my strategic plan

Product Manager at a global multi-national pharmaceutical company

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